Cornerstone Newsletter

“I didn’t quite know what to expect when going to a grill in a strip center, but the Red Oak Grill gave me a nice surprise. With a casual atmosphere, the place impressed me with its cleanliness and friendliness. Even the furnishings have clean, comfortable lines. It seems like (and may well be) a family run business that is eager to please its customers. Red Oak Grill has all the old favorites that one would expect, such as many kinds of salads, sandwiches, burgers, grilled chicken and chicken fried steak, but this restaurant takes it a step further with a Mediterranean flair; they make wonderful “signature”pita wraps and platters.

Our group tried the gyro pita wrap and the chicken shawerma pita wrap; both were very fresh, with flavorfully spiced meat. The chicken shawerma is roasted with tomatoes, pickles and a creamy white sauce; the gyro is the best I’ve taste (and I’m Greek, so I’ve tried quite a few) with roasted beef and lab slices with tomatoes, lettuce, onions, and a special white sauce. This same taste is available in a platter size. They even have a veggie pita and a chicken salad pita.

We also tried their hummus and tabouleh and they were also very fresh and tasty- not too spiced with tahini, nor too oily. Other friends in our group tried the chicken fried steak and said it was crispy; also, it was nice to find an inexpensive chicken fried steak that was nicely pounded and tender rather than merely “cubed” steak, The cheeseburger was tender and juicy, and it was customer-friendly, being cut in half, unlike most places these days.

Truly they have an astounding variety of sandwiches-Club, BLT, Philly steak, chopped BBQ, etc.-and salads-club, grilled chicken, chicken Caesar, Greek, Spinach Chicken, shrimp–as well as specialties of the house–Red Oak Salad and Red Oak Supreme Sandwich. Also try their catfish fillet platter, shish kabob, and many varieties of baked potatoes. And don’t forget their desserts, like baklava or ├ęclair!! We’d eat there weekly!”